Zurich By Tram – Line #7

In Zurich, trams are the backbone of the public transport system serving the center as well as most city neighbourhoods and suburbs. 15 lines run on 171.9 kilometers of track with a total route length of 72.9 kilometers. As the infrastructure within Zürich is largely street based, it is an excellent way to explore the city. So, we came up with the idea to ride all the lines and tell you what you get to see on the way.

Tram Line #7: Bahnhof Stettbach – Wollishofen

At the railway station Stettbach, which lies directly on the city border of Zurich, tram #7 takes off towards Schwamendingerplatz, a square in the neighborhood at the Northern outskirts of Zurich. The area is known to be a social melting pot and hotspot, but it is very lively.

Soon after Schwamendingerplatz, the tram dives into a black hole and continues its journey underground so you don’t get to see much. The names of the stops however suggest that you pass a green area (“Waldgarten”) and the university animal hospital (“Tierspital”).

At Milchbuck you shoot out of the tunnel; the stop lies right at the Irchelpark – a 32-hectare large recreational landscape park belonging to the university of Zurich. It is a lovely, public spot to spend an afternoon or go for a walk. Many students flood the tram and it gets noisier.

The journey continues to Schaffhauserplatz where you find the bakery “Gnädinger”. You arguably get the best croissants in town there!

Beautiful, historical townhouses, decorated with blooming spring flowers, line the way. It is definitely a lovely district to live in – if you can afford it! We pass the Turkish Consulate, guarded by Swiss Army Personnel. Another highlight is the unique three-naved, roman-catholic church “Liebfrauen”.

The tram descends to Central, a square at the river Limmat opposite the main railway station. It was a busy afternoon at this transport nodal point. From here you can explore the “Niederdorf”, a lovely part of Zurich’s old city with countless bars, restaurants and shops.

We however stay on and travel down the 1.2 kilometer long Bahnhofstrasse, the most expensive street in Switzerland with exclusive shops that leads to Paradeplatz. The square is nowadays famous for being the head office of several major banks. In case your budget does not allow you to open an account with one of those institutions, you can invest your money into delicious “Luxemburgerli” – a light patisserie similar to a macaron from the traditional and famous Confiserie Sprüngli.


At Bahnhof Enge, we witness a small market taking place (every Wednesday).


At the moment, there is a huge construction site as the new FIFA (World Football Association) museum is being built. We pass the Belvoirpark, another public park as well as a famous hotel management school, which also runs an upscale restaurant located in a fantastic mansion.

On the way to Wollishofen, a district between the river Sihl and lake Zurich at the Southern border of the town, we drive past the Hirslanden clinic “im Park” where our precious baby should be born any day now.

Before reaching the terminal stop our eyes fall on the basilica St. Franziskus with its round steeple. It has a distinguished peach color which reminds us of the city of Jaipur in India – which is called the pink city but is somehow more peachy than pink.

We did not carry our camera yesterday but will insert some (more) pictures as soon as we get some 🙂

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