Winter is here – 18 Weeks to go

18 weeks to go…

Over the weekend, winter kicked in. Autumn didn’t give way easily to winter; it ended up raining until Sunday morning before the rain drops turned into snowflakes. At first, it was a very wet affair but slowly and steadily the surroundings got covered with snow, the snow blanket grew bigger and bigger and this special sense of calmness was setting over our Alpine village. I love when the trees and the streets are all white; it reminded me a lot of Lapland.

We got engaged in winter activities like sledging, shovelling snow and ice skating. That never gets dull. The last two days however have been considerably colder and the kids were freezing outside rather easily. The icy temperatures created beautiful patterns of ice crystals on all the surfaces outside, they were glittering and shining like precious jewels.

So, besides the sunshine we headed back indoors today and ended up baking Christmas cookies. It turns out the kids get more and more patient with each year 🙂 Towards the end I realised they had enough when Henry announced that he just made a big football cookie – he basically rolled up all the remaining dough into a big ball and placed it on the baking parchment. He was done.

On the travel note: I started to research our next potential trip and it might or might not be that we will travel east in February. Slovakia, Hungary and Romania are at stake. Let’s see. The black sea in winter or the Danube delta could be interesting! Nothing is decided yet but we will keep you posted. I love the process of researching and slowly putting together an itinerary.

Oh yeah, and finally the three remaining OCI cards arrived today. Now we can all travel to India without a visa. Yeah for that!

Just to keep it real and honest here – mom talking. Despite all the beauty of winter wonderland I was feeling strange this week. I had this restlessness inside me, everything felt like a lot of effort, I feel tired, nothing went easily for me and I had a hard time being patient with the kids which made me upset. Why? I do not know. Whilst we try to build a sustainable lifestyle where we find a good balance between work, family time, alone time and partnership I know we are not there yet. At the moment, we still have some commitments which we know we don’t want to hold down in the long term, but for the time being we need them to sustain our life (and we are grateful for them). I had hardly any moments for myself in the past few weeks and I feel drained. Renz has a project which runs until mid-Feb where he is away the whole week which adds to me feeling un-balanced. Whilst I love being with the kids, I realise I love working on my projects too. And I miss that.

Hm, how to end this not on a whiny note? I guess I will post a few more pretty winter pictures and promise I will work on my balance next week!

Have a well-rounded week guys!

Your Raasta Family


Current project: Embracing winter

Overall mood: a bit restless

Current location: Flims, Switzerland

Countdown: 127 days

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