Why we chose to go on a Babymoon…

Sitting on our balcony in Mandelieu-La Napole overlooking the Med, listening to the waves crashing on the beach and enjoying the morning sun with a coffee, the only feelings I sense are happiness and thankfulness.


A few days ago we took off on our “babymoon”. Some people asked us what this babymoon was all about and/or whether it was a way of saying goodbye to our old travel life. Well, for us being on the road and moving seems to give us the tranquility we need to think and reflect, to shut down the unnecessary chatter of the everyday life, focus on the essential and get our priorities right. We feel more alive and ourselves if we are out there, it seems easier to appreciate the small yet big gifts in life like being healthy, being together with that special someone, having the means to buy food and making sure you have a roof over your head to sleep under.

It sometimes seems that it does not even matter that much where we are going or what we are doing. If we get into our travel mode, a lot seems positive and right. That is exactly what we wanted to experience before our little one arrives.

Having a baby is – whilst sometimes physically and emotionally challenging, at least for me – a wonderful experience. Realising that a human being with a heart, arms, legs and all other parts it requires to survive is being formed inside you without you consciously doing anything for it, is a miracle. When you first feel the little one moving and start communicating with it (at least that is what we are doing ;-)), it feels wonderful, exciting and it brought tears to our eyes more than once!


Then, there are the more practical aspects and questions which arise. Have you ever been to a baby store in the so-called first world? If you leave from there, with a checklist of what is required for basic baby equipment, it is overwhelming and you feel like running to the bank to apply for a loan after having roughly calculated a grand total!

You honestly start to wonder how babies survived a few decades ago or in economically less fortunate regions which led us to some questions.

What is really needed for a newborn? Do we have to get this infrared lamp for the changing table or will otherwise child-welfare be after us? What about that fancy nappy disposal bin? And, not less important to us: Will we continue to travel in the same way as we do now? What will change? Will we even have the desire to move out or will a nesting instinct kick in? What about the responsibility to give kids stability? What is stability after all?

The list goes on and honestly speaking, we don’t know the answers to all of the questions – well we decided against the infrared lamp for now – at this stage and we are totally fine with it. Even though especially I for my part am a big planner, we both are extremely relaxed, calmly excited about what will come and somehow have trust that we instinctively will know what is right for us as a family.

If you expected a post about what we were up to during our babymoon, don’t worry; we will talk about it in the next post.


Wondering how we ended up having three meals in three different countries within one single day? Stay tuned!

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