Travel Back to … Oman

In this series, we take you back to 10 destinations we have travelled to in the past. 

In Episode 2 we take you to the Middle East, to the capital of Oman to be precise. We only had a short stopover in Muscat whilst traveling to and from India last November and December respectively. Thanks to our friends we however still got a nice glimpse of this beautiful country. After arriving and settling in to the hotel, we met up and went for a delicious dinner in a mall. The mall was incredibly busy on this Friday night (Friday being the weekend for many Muslim countries). We afterwards took a night drive in the city admiring some monuments and mosque prettily lit up and ended up enjoying some time at the beach. It was around 11p.m. and the beach was buzzing. A lot of locals enjoyed their weekend with a picnic amongst friends and family. 

The following day we explored parts of Muscat ourselves by foot before it was time to head back to the airport. We for sure only got a glimpse of this fascinating country and cannot wait to be back one day to explore the coast, the desert and the mountains. 

Happily smiling, 

The Raasta Family