Travel Back to … Iceland

In this series, we take you back to 10 destinations we have travelled to in the past.

In Episode 7 we take you to Iceland. After landing in the world’s northernmost capital Reykjavik we took over two rental cars as again we travelled with extended family, our then 11 months old boy and a baby in my tummy.

We admire Pingvellier National Park, the Geysir and its more active brother Strokkur as well as Gulfoss waterfall on Iceland’s famous Golden Circle.

We then tackle the Ring Road which brings you across Iceland and connects most inhabited areas of the country. We see many waterfalls, hike a lot, pay Eyjafjallajökull – the volcano who grounded many planes in April 2010 – a visit, see glaciers and the glacier lake Jökulsarlon.

Happily smiling,
The Raasta Family