Travel Back to … Finnish Lapland

In this series, we take you back to 10 destinations we have travelled to in the past.

In Episode 6 we take you to Finnish Lapland. Well above the Artic circle we enjoyed a week of family time and adventure in winter wonderland. It was truly magical! In the end of January you do not get many hours of daylight each day. Nevertheless, the different lights we got to see were just stunning. Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights) was shy and we did not get to see it, but hey, that is just the perfect reason to return. We hiked in the snow, went cross-country skiing, payed the snow village a visit, fed reindeers, we rode snowmobiles and celebrated my dad’s birthday and retirement. A big “Thank You” to our extended family for making this trip super special and memorable!

Happily smiling, 
The Raasta Family