This is India – 20 Weeks to go

20 weeks to go….

Our week in India just flew by and it is already time to pack our bags again. We are heading to Oman – just for a day – before flying back to Europe.

Mumbai has been good to us. We enjoyed meeting family members, one of our godchildren and friends and showing the kids where their dad grew up. They have been champs! We really didn’t know how they would take it but they had a good time. It seems they grow even closer to each other through the travel experience. Often, they fall asleep arm in arm or crawl to each other whilst asleep. My heart melts looking at them!

We have the impression they are still a bit small to grasp how poor some people are here. When beggars – often small children with an infant in their arm – came knocking on the car’s door, they started talking to them and being very curious. It seemed all the kids had fun. They did not understand yet why the kids were coming to our car. When the signal jumped to green and we took, they were waving at them.

Whilst I am very thankful for the fact how innocent and open our kids are, my heart breaks when seeing the children in need. Helping is very difficult and complex. Giving money hardly solves the problem, especially when it comes to beggars, as usually they are organised in groups and the people in need (e.g. the children) do not benefit from it.

India is extreme in everything. The smells, the crowd, the pollution, the temperatures, the gap between the rich and the poor, the colours. It is overwhelming at times, but we still love it. It has a special charm nevertheless, I mean, look at that street vendor selling pineapples. That smile! And I loved how he cut open that pineapple!

We ate parathas, chapatis, dahi batata puri, biryanis, vada pav, butter chicken, naans, we drank lassi and kingfisher.

One thing we realised is how much our priorities changed. When we used to come here as a couple, we both had a job that paid well. We used to shop a lot – I think besides eating that was our main activity here. Now, we hardly shopped as we really try to “live maxi with mini” 🙂

For two days, we left the city to a place called Lonavala – a hill station surrounded by green valleys. It was much cooler than in the city and the kids enjoyed the space to run around. In the evening, we sat outside in the beautiful garden enjoying the starlit sky.

We walked to a little lake above the cottage we stayed at – and I was so shocked about the amount of garbage lying around.

Overall conclusion? India – you challenge us, you reward us! We are glad we came here and immensely grateful we get to show our children this part of the world. I hope our children get to appreciate how lucky they are when it comes to where they were born. We are so privileged! And I feel our duty is to leave a positive footprint on this earth. Count your blessings people, there is so much to be grateful for!

Oh, one more thing! This time, we shot more videos than we took photos. Would you be interested to see a video from our India adventures? Let us know!

Wishing you a happy day!

The Raasta Family


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