The Raasta Family is moving

Between the day my husband lost his job and the start to our new adventure were nine exciting, tiring, wonderful, challenging but yet rewarding weeks.

I promised last week I would share how this all went. Let me tell you, it was a journey with mixed emotions. After we overcame the first shock, we decided to move to our flat in the Alps which belongs to us. It is a beautiful little treasure with a stunning view but very tiny.

After taking the decision to resign the contract for our city apartment which we really loved in order to reduce our fixed costs it was planning time. Planning the move, organising help, sort out all the admin stuff, further reduce our possessions, selling unneeded items, renting a small storage room for some antique furniture we inherited from my grandparents and so on.

The time just flew by and soon it was time to host our farewell party. We had a wonderful time with friends and neighbours and for the first time in my life I felt ambiguous about leaving a place. Probably because I got to know and like the neighbours thanks to my kids. The plan to reduce our bar stock was a bit of a fail as 80% of the ladies were pregnant or breastfeeding. We joked we had better organised a pregnancy yoga session instead.

We were quite radical when it came to selling stuff and at times it got painful too as we watched things being carried out of our flat by strangers. Our son found that concept weird and he kept asking when another man will come to collect some of our stuff. We were worried we harmed him sustainably (so far we don’t have evidence of it though).

It for sure made our move rather easy. The packing still took up more time than we thought but the move itself was a half-day affair and all our helpers said it was the first time they helped moving where they were done faster than anticipated. We closed the doors of the moving truck at 11a.m.

We ended up camping in our empty flat for a week as my husband still had to serve the last days of his notice period. The kids found that great fun, they had a lot of space to play! And then it was time to clean the flat. Thanks to the help of two friends that went rather smooth too and we were able to hand over the apartment without any problems.

Our biggest learning in the whole process was for sure to “just do it” rather than getting stuck overthinking a situation. I am really good at that. Analysis paralysis at its best! And the second thing we once more realised is that we could not have done it on our own, without the help of our friends and family. We are truly grateful to have them in our lives!

After four weeks in our tiny Alpine hideaway we don’t miss anything (yet?). We actually still have space in some of the cupboards and we hope we soon will have more of mental free space too. We realised that for us as parents the process of moving, of letting go was a challenge and we still need some time to slow down, to sort out our emotions and feelings.

We hope to find the time to reflect, to try and find out what is important to us as a family, what works for us and what doesn’t, how we want to lead our life.

We have a big vision and probably the universe forced us out of our comfort zone to give us the freedom and the courage to strive for it.

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Happy to have you onboard! Your Raasta Family