The countdown imploded from 13 to 0! It is GO TIME!

13 weeks … ah no … 0 weeks to go!

We have spent a lot of time planning and talking about the year. And somehow, we came to the conclusion, that we are very eager to start our big adventure now rather than wait until mid-April.

The turning point was that we will get the chance to travel to Eastern Europe in February. As we started planning, we just felt deep down: It is “go time”! 

And that is what we will do: we will put our full focus on our Raasta Projects – the current one being “RP 2 – Minimise to the Max”

We know: you had to be quite flexible with us lately. From this week on, you will hear from us every Sunday with an update from our current project. Aaaand we plan to include a video to show you a bit more what we have been up to.

But back to this week and all the planning: planning the rest of RP 2, the minimising project, planning Raasta Project 3, our first big trip of the year 🙂  

Let me tell you one thing: planning and researching an extended trip is time consuming. At least in my case, but I absolutely love it! I thoroughly enjoy the process of starting with a blank sheet, some random ideas and not much more. I start to research countries, regions and cities, I read books, watch videos and end up following stories. I start to dream about the food we get to sample. I discover unknown facts. It always feels that I end up with itinerary options completely different than what we originally had in mind. The plans twist and turn, sometimes I feel I get stuck and start all over again with yet another scenario. The beauty of it being that we don’t have to do anything, we get to do whatever we choose to. When my eyes catch the enormity of the world, I always feel I do not do the places justice by just browsing through a country. The more we travel I ache for soaking in a tiny little bit of each place’s soul. 

Travelling with kids has truly helped with that. We generally travel much slower and feel it is easier to connect with locals when we show up as a family. The kids are really good icebreakers and conversation starters. 

We have talked about it before, but for us, traveling with kids does not feel like such a challenge. It is actually a bigger challenge for us to stay put in one location for a longer time.

Our travels require some more logistics than they did before having kids as well as flexibility which may sound like a contradiction. Let me explain. Nowadays, we do take the kids’ routines into account when making travel plans. We try to stick to a certain schedule even when traveling. So, we try not to take transportation where we have to change trains/planes in the middle of the night. Just so we don’t interfere with their sleeping routine. But then, at the same time, if they decide not to sleep or sleep longer as we thought, we have to be flexible and just go with the flow. We had such a situation lately on our trip to India

We planned a stopover in Oman where we took a hotel for the night. The plan was, that we could head into town after a good night’s sleep for some sightseeing before going back to the airport to catch our flight back to Europe. The kids had other plans and slept until 11a.m. I really wanted to see Muscat but we decided to just skip it, let them sleep, have a relaxing brunch and allow enough time to get to the airport. It ended up being super relaxing but completely not how we planned it. 

After an intense week of researching, the plans for the first two weeks of Raasta Project 3 started to shape and we have a rough idea where we will head to! 

Thanks for sticking around with us! See you next week!

Current project: Minimising
Overall mood: super excited
Current location: Flims, Switzerland
Countdown: 0 days
Updated “needs to go”-list

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