The Big Reveal – 22.5 weeks to go …

So here it is. We made the big reveal to our family and friends last weekend that we will dedicate a full year to travelling starting on our 10thwedding anniversary which will fall on a Thursday in April, the 18thto be precise. That leaves us with a good 5 months, 22.5 weeks or exactly 157 days to figure out everything. Current status: there are more questions than answers. Where will we go? How will we bring home the bacon? Things remain interesting to say the least.

First, we need to further downsize our possessions. We currently own a tiny apartment plus we rent a storage where we keep some extra furniture, kid’s stuff etc. We already minimised our materialistic possessions quite a bit when moving out of our city apartment last spring. Now, we came to the conclusion that everything we keep needs to fit into our little Alpine hideaway. The rest needs to go. Operation downsizing wave 2 has therefore officially commenced.

We made an attempt for a last-minute garage sale last weekend. It went so la la, there is still a lot which needs to go. We have this giant, stuffed Garfield which I once won as a kid in Las Vegas. He will be kept. Garfield wants to stretch his leg. Problem: there is no space yet! You can’t even see him! Help us free Garfield!

We realised how difficult it is to sell stuff; I guess people prefer to buy it anew. We will hold a few more of the garage sales and donate to charity whatever doesn’t sell.

Another action is to digitalise a lot of our files which currently take up a lot of space. I started. It is time consuming. Very time consuming. I guess I need to find a more efficient way to do that otherwise all I do until April is scanning 🙂

We will update you every Thursday on our progress!

Let us know what your current projects are and where we should go!


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The Raasta Family


Current project: Downsizing

Overall mood: Excited

Current location: Flims, Switzerland

Countdown: 157 days

Updated “needs to go”-list

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2 thoughts on “The Big Reveal – 22.5 weeks to go …

  1. Lynn

    Come visit us!!!!! I remember sleeping with Garfield one night, I had no idea he came all the way from Las Vegas.