Sylt……do you hate it, love it or have you possibly never heard of it?

Well Sylt – I was told – is something you either hate or love. Germany’s northernmost island belongs to the North Frisian Islands and is well known for its distinctive shape of shoreline, its tourist resorts as well as its 40 kilometer long sandy beach. It is frequently covered by the media in connection with its exposed situation in the North Sea and its ongoing loss of land during storm tides. In recent years, it has become a resort for the German jet set, which in return made the place in some peoples’ opinion snobbish, artificial and overpriced. Well, it is for sure that in case you wish to purchase a tiny property you need big cash; the Hobokenweg in Sylt is the most expensive street in entire Germany. Yes, you read correctly: intending to buy a house here is more expensive than in Hamburg or Munich!


So, how did we end up going to Sylt? When I visited the hospital last May in Zurich for a routine check up shortly before our baby was born I spotted a poster advertising the “Hamburg Cruise Days” in September. If you followed our story you will know that ships, especially cruise ships, hold a special place in our heart as this is where we met. After some quick research into the event, I convinced my husband and my parents to travel to Germany in late summer. The flights around the weekend of the happening were crazy expensive so we decided to fly a few days earlier and spend the money saved on flights on some extra adventure. After collecting ideas we finally choose Sylt to be our destination.

Sea. Passion. Life. That’s how the official website advertises the island. That sounded good to us, so we were off to check it out.

Sylt-1_2After landing in Hamburg, we rented a car and headed north, crossing the border into Denmark. Baby P officially entered his third country in his third month on this beautiful planet – a pace we could not quite keep up to since then. From the Danish island Rømø we took a ferry, which brought us in only 40 minutes to List, a place in Sylt.Sylt-1_3

Sylt-1_4From the moment we stepped ashore, all of us fell in love with the island. The Wadden Sea, the rough yet beautiful (after Finland we were again extremely lucky weather-wise!) maritime climate, the noisy sea gulls, the countless sheep, the impressive sand dunes, the roofed wicker beach chairs (called “Strandkörbe” in German), the lighthouses and the thatched cottages seemed perfectly assembled. Sometimes pictures can say more than words, so I let you have a glimpse of the magic.

Sylt-1_5 Sylt-1_6 Sylt-1_7 Sylt-1_8 Sylt-1_9Poets and thinkers, seafarers and architects from near and far have all left their distinct mark on the island: ranging from useful to bizarre, from widely visible to hidden underground. Sylt seems to be a place, which attracts all kind of people and it certainly has been and still is a source of inspiration to artists.

Sylt-1_10Even though the island is with its 99km2 rather small, there is too much to cover everything in a single holiday. We truly hope to be back one day!

Stay tuned for our next post where we will share what we have been up to in Sylt. Have you ever been there? Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below!

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