My plan was to keep you all updated about what happened after day x – the day my husband lost his job. This did not happen as well, we just got really busy. But let me share some thoughts I wrote down one of the evenings before we actually moved:

Over the last two days I watched our new neighbors move in. I sat on the window bench of our lovely huge window in the kids’ room, my daughter on my lap, my son playing with his cars.

I observed the young couple – they seem to have a little boy similar in age like our son – with the help of (I am guessing) his/her parents and a few friends. They opened the back door of the moving truck they rented and started offloading. Boxes, furniture, lamps, barbecue grill, bikes were offloaded and carried up to their new flat. In addition, they shifted clothes and dishes in their cars. After a few hours – yes I was still sitting there, my son has endurance playing traffic jam – they were done. “Uff”, I thought, “kudos to them!” But not long after they came back with another load. The procedure continued the whole day. And the next day. I was wondering how big of an apartment they are renting; it seemed to me like the interior of a palace was moved! Currently their balcony is packed with boxes. I panicked – even though it is not me who has to unpack. Clutter as such makes me nervous. Things lying around too. Which is – let me tell you – not an ideal trait if you have kids! In the three years as a mother I didn’t get used to the look of toys being scattered around the flat yet. And somehow I don’t wanna get used to it if I am honest. I cannot work (read: write) if my eye glimpses the slightest sign of disorder.

Anyhow – back to the topic of “stuff”. I like to believe that we own quite little materialistic items – the interior of our flat looks rather minimalistic. According to statistics the average person in Western Europe owns 10’000 items. I didn’t count mine, but I know for sure that there are objects in our household we didn’t use since we moved in here over two years ago. And they need to go. Especially now that we will soon be moving ourselves. We will downsize from a 3.5 room flat into a 2.5 room flat measuring roughly 40m2 (which is about 430ft2).

How that went I will share with you next week!