Strasbourg and Two Inspiring Gentlemen

A few weeks ago we were in Strasbourg in the Alsace region in Eastern France. Whilst strolling through the streets we passed a typical “boulangerie”. Two elderly, chic gentlemen left the bakery, each carrying a baguette – a long thin loaf of French bread. They walked down the street in front of us: they shared a few jokes, laughed cordially, hugged each other and just seemed to have a cheerful conversation.

Strasbourg_Two-Gentlemen_1When the two crossed the road we looked at each other and both were touched by their friendship, humor, sense of style, joy and charm. They did not realize we observed them, but the few minutes we watched them, these few instances inspired us and we hope we can age like the two French gentlemen do.

Probably it is the French lifestyle, which encourages people to enjoy life to the fullest. We made it a point not to miss out anything and truly enjoyed our days in Strasbourg.


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