Stay Cool – The Best Lassi I Ever Had

It is not a big secret that I am a huge fan of Indian food. I have tried many different dishes and drinks around the country – one of my favorites being lassi, a traditional yogurt based drink.

Lassi_1 The original lassi is a savory blend of yogurt, water and spices but you also get a sweet version, which contains sugar or fruits instead of the spices used in the salted lassi. Depending on the region and the season, you will get different versions of lassi like mango, mint or even bhang lassi. Bhang is a liquid derivative of cannabis, which has similar effects to other eaten forms of cannabis and is legal in many parts of India, mostly sold during the Holi festival. Whilst I stay away from the bhang lassi I enjoy the sweet and fruity versions a lot. So I was delighted when my sister-in-law took me to a small place near my in-laws flat in central Mumbai after some shopping in the heat last year. The place was hidden between stalls and looked like a hole in the wall – but it was very busy which is always a good sign. You can either order the lassi outside and drink the glass whilst standing or you go inside, sit on one of the wooden benches and wait until the guy comes serving the lassi on a huge tray. You have the choice between a full or a half glass.

Lassi_2 We decided to go inside and sit down for a while. I was quite the attraction, which was partly my fault as I was taking pictures of the place. When the lassi arrived, I went for the full glass, took a first sip and knew instantly that this was by far the best lassi I have ever tasted! It was so creamy, silky but still rich in flavor – the perfect, delicious cooler on a hot day! I would have gone for a second one if it wasn’t so filling.

Lassi_3 As we are currently in Mumbai and the April sun is turning the city into a hot pot – I know where I will stop by this afternoon 🙂 Stay cool!