Sipping Coffee Amidst Cows – The Vogafjós Cow Café

Experienced readers might have noticed by now that we love to eat – whenever possible we choose to go for the local stuff; be it with our food or our drinks. Whilst we visited Iceland this spring, we found the unique Vogafjós Cow Café at Lake Mývatn, which is located in the North of the country.


The coffee shop (which is probably more a restaurant as you can also eat there) is located inside the farm’s cowshed, which we found really cool. Whilst sipping on your coffee or enjoying your meal, you can watch the cows being milked through a window or experience the great view of Lake Mývatn.


On the menu you find homemade local food such as smoked trout, raw smoked lamb, mozzarella and salad cheese made from their own milk. A highlight is the homemade Geysir rye bread, which is baked in the ground in the geothermal heat. We had a hard time choosing what to try.


We went for a sandwich with homemade mozzarella cheese and their homemade Vogafjós cake, which was really good. I stole a bite of the Gysir rye bread from my sister’s plate which I also liked a lot. I has a sweetish taste and goes really well with salted butter. I was tempted to also try the Geysir bread ice cream; but well, we were really full and left that for next time.


Talking about next time: the farm – which is family run – is also a guesthouse. In case you want to stay there, check out their website

We had a nice chat with the waiters and found out that during high season it is apparently not so easy to get a table. We visited before high season and had no trouble finding a spot, which was nice.



We later went into the cowshed to pat the calves and our son had a lot of fun playing in the hay. You can even try the fresh, warm milk and watch how the cows are milked – we however missed it as it happens at 7.30 in the morning and in the afternoon at 17.30.

What is the most exotic coffee shop you ever visited?