RP2 – Minimise to the Max – Week 5

Raasta Project: 2
Mission: Minimise to the Max
How much can you minimise before it starts to influence the quality of your life?
Participants: The entire Raasta Family
Status: Week 5 of 5

In the final episode of Raasta Project 2 we show you around our tiny Raasta Headquarter and share our thoughts on this project where we tried to minimise our materialistic belongings as much as possible. We explain what emotions came to the surface when striping away layers of belongings and whether we miss something already. Plus, you learn what Raasta Project 3 is all about.

We took out our backpacks and are packing for our next big adventure, Raasta Project 3. Tune in next Sunday to get an update from Budapest, Hungary!

Happily smiling, 

Your Raasta Family