RP2 – Minimise to the Max – Week 4

Raasta Project: 2
Mission: Minimise to the Max
How much can you minimise before it starts to influence the quality of your life?
Participants: The entire Raasta Family
Status: Week 4 of 5

This week, we were busy setting up Raasta Headquarter – our tiny base in the Swiss Alps, where we keep our few personal belongings. Join us and enjoy some breathtaking views of our winter wonderland, where we have fun with our kiddos.

  • Flat in the Alps: We will go through all drawers and cupboards yet again to decide what is needed and what not. 
    Status: Started.
  • Storage: n/a
    Status: Done!
  • Physical files: n/a
    Status: Done!
  • Server: Working on the external back up. 
    Status: Nearly done 
  • Digital files: We started moving all our digital files to the new server. It takes quite some time as we also try to minimise our digital storage.
    Status: Started

In addition, we are busy planning and preparing Raasta Project 3 which will take us East in less than two weeks! Exciting times!

Happily smiling, 

Your Raasta Family