RP2 – Minimise to the Max – Week 3

Raasta Project: 2
Mission: Minimise to the Max
How much can you minimise before it starts to influence the quality of your life?
Participants: The entire Raasta Family
Status: Week 3 of 5

Week 3 and things are changing a bit around here. We have a brand-new YouTube channel who would be happy and grateful for some new subscribers 🙂 We posted a little trailer about our family and what we are up to there. 

And we also posted our first vlog about Week 3 of Raasta Project 2!

  • Flat in the Alps: We will go through all drawers and cupboards yet again to decide what is needed and what not. 
    Status: Started.
  • Storage: Storage cleared, keys given back! Details in the video J
    Status: Done!
  • Physical files: We had one shelf with documents. We went through them, digitalised all of them and only kept the most recent ones printed out. 
    Status: Done!
  • Server: Working on the external back up. 
    Status: Nearly done 🙂
  • Digital files:We still need to move all our digital files to the new server. I however started to unsubscribe from all the newsletter which we anyhow don’t read and just delete.  
    Status: Started

Next week we will show you the Raasta headquarter from where we will plan all future projects and head out to explore, inspire and enjoy!

Any guesses where Raasta Project 3 will lead us to? Let us know in the comments below!

Happily smiling, 

Your Raasta Family