RP2 – Minimise to the Max – Week 2

Raasta Project: 2
Mission: Minimise to the Max
How much can you minimise before it starts to influence the quality of your life?
Participants: The entire Raasta Family
Status: Week 2 of 5

Week 2 of the Minimise to the Max project. As you can read further below, we progressed quite a bit with the entire project and hope that by next week we will be able to also share a short video to give you an even better insight of what we have been up to. 

The more we simplify our life from a materialistic standpoint, we realise how much more there is to the entire topic. As we mentioned before, we try to be mindful what we consume not only when it comes to buying things but also when it comes to consuming other things like food or entertainment. 

Another area where we become more and more mindful is our business, the one we are still in the process of setting up. We realise we want to create a business which does not wear us out, a business where we can live up to our full potential and serve the world to the max rather than just doing a job. Sounds unrealistic? Well, we just got to the point where we feel if we want to walk down this unconventional path we should also do our best to create a business which fits our lifestyle, our dream life. If we end up working at least 8 hours a day doing something which is just okay, well then, we might as well just go back to an ordinary job. 

We feel we are at a point where the universe showed us that we have everything it takes to make money on our own, everything we need is within us, there is no need to do an extra course, take an extra degree or whatsoever. That obviously does not mean we know it all and can stop learning, to the contrary – learning and growing will never end and is more important than ever – but it means we have to take full responsibility and shape the business the way we want it. We sometimes have to say no to opportunities which don’t feel right, which don’t steer us in the direction we want to go and mainly just cost us time. We set the sails, we have to catch the right winds and sail that boat. And to do that, we need to be brave, we have to take risks as well. 

The interesting part is, that this whole minimising exercise has spread its wings and taken over areas of our life which we never even thought of. We now feel that the biggest impact will not have the stuff we get rid off, but rather all the limiting beliefs we have been clinging on to for a really long time and which we not take onto our big Raasta journey.

I – for example – have always been pretty smart at school, it was easy for me to pick up things and learn quickly. Lately it became obvious to me that one of my biggest assets is also one of my biggest obstacles. The longer we walk this road I started to realise that I became extremely good at one thing: talking myself out of my dreams. I always came up with a million plus 1 reasons why I cannot make it, why I am not smart enough, brave enough, pretty enough etc. And it all made sense to me. This observation is mind blowing and a tiny little bit scary too. Because, it is one of the things I am waving goodbye to without knowing what is ahead of us if we are diving in head first to chase our dreams. 

Wow, this post has taken quite an unexpected but honest and open-hearted turn but in order not to deprive you of the actual update, here we go J

  • Flat in the Alps: We will go through all drawers and cupboards yet again to decide what is needed and what not. 
    Status: Still dreading to start.
  • Storage:Major update here, the storage will be empty and closed by coming Saturday. Due to all the snow and ice, we decided against doing the move of the remaining stuff ourselves and get somebody to do it for us. Surprisingly, we will not pay more than if we had rented a moving van. 
    Some planning was involved here to coordinate pick up times for people who bought stuff and the moving guy to come the same day (as we currently stay nearly 200km away from where the storage is located and we don’t fancy driving there too often with the kids in tow :-)). We resigned from the rental contract and cancelled the insurance for it (yep, in Switzerland you also insure stuff you put into a storage) effective January 26th. 
    Status: To be completed by January 26th
  • Physical files: We had one shelf with documents. We went through them, digitalised all of them and only kept the most recent ones printed out. 
    Status: 2 folders remaining
  • Server: We advanced here as the server solution is working on all our devices. We now have access to all our files with a server including a backup safely installed here in the Raasta headquarter. So, in case one of our laptops is stolen or breaks (knock on wood that does not happen though), the files can still be accessed from the other device. Only glitch here: if the house burns down (knock on wood again), the server and backup would be gone. Here we are working on an additional backup in another location.   
    Status: External back up is still pending. 
  • Digital files: We still need to move all our digital files to the new server. I however started to unsubscribe from all the newsletter which we anyhow don’t read and just delete.  
    Status: Started

Bravely embracing the unknown, 

Your Raasta Family

Link Stuff: http://www.raastaproject.com/stuff/