RP3 – Sibiu & Targu Mures in Winter

In Raasta Project 3 we attempt to travel from the Swiss Alps to the Black Sea by train. 

In episode 4 we wait for my sister to join us for a few days. As heavy winds prevent planes from taking off in Zurich, we – especially the kids – have to practice patience. In the middle of the night, my sister finally lands in Sibiu and our travel group is complete. 

After a short night, we explore Sibiu. A city in Transylvania which is situated pretty much in the geographical center of Romania. Besides the fascinating old town we visit (by accident; we actually were looking for the zoo) the central cemetery. A fascinating experience!

With our rental car we then head North to Targu Mures. On our road trip we pass through beautiful, colourful villages, spot some stunning views of the snow-topped Carpathian mountains and get a lot of time to talk. The magic of the road trip sometimes gets interrupted by either the road conditions or the daredevil manoeuvre from fellow traffic participants. 

Nevertheless, we have a great time and enjoy the Romanian hospitality and generosity.  

After 4 (or 3.5) days, my sister has to leave, we stay and our Romania Adventure continues. 

Next week, you can join us as we continue our trip towards the Black Sea. Will we make it to Constanta in order to celebrate my birthday? 

Happily smiling, 

The Raasta Family