Road Tripping and A Finnish-Irish Wedding

So, I promised to talk a bit more about our time in Ireland.

The highlight of the trip was watching my former Finnish host sister tying the knot to her Irish partner in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the Irish countryside. It was the first time we got to witness the ancient Celtic tradition, where the hands of the bride and groom are literally tied together to symbolize the joining of husband and wife.

The atmosphere was relaxed, the weather – as it was throughout our trip – beautiful, the temperatures mild, the food delicious, the music typically Irish. We celebrated the newly married couple under a starry sky until the wee hours. It felt more like a wedding in Tuscany or Portugal rather than Ireland, the garden of the hotel reminded me a lot of the Meds. One thing is for sure, both the Irish and the Finnish know how to chuck. I did not even try to participate, I guess I would have been clinically dead had I attempted to do so.

The celebrations continued the next day in a local pub where we were treated with a delicious barbecue… and more drinks. The good thing when staying sober is the feeling in the morning when your kids wake you up 🙂 We both felt fantastic! Thanks so much Maija and Shane for having us!

After an unforgettable weekend where I got to meet up with my Finnish family we continued our road trip and drove up North to Limerick. For my latest book project where I portray females who (used to) work on ships, I met up with Edel. We worked together a few years ago … actually more like a decade but who is counting anyhow 🙂

In the mystical settings of a fairy garden we talked about her time at sea, how it influenced her life and what she is doing nowadays. Just to keep it real and in order to remind us that we are both mothers one of the children well into the pond whilst we were chatting.

Edel then showed us her hometown Limerick. Limerick, in case you wonder, is located in Mid-Western Ireland, lies on the Shannon river and the head of the Shannon Estuary where the river widens before it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. We went on a really quick tour around the city and browsed through some of the city’s landmarks: King John’s castle from afar, the three bridges leading over the Shannon, St. Mary’s cathedral, the Locke pub. Just a small taste of it I would say.

I ask all my interview guests to show me their place of yearning in their current home town. You know, the place which warms up your soul, gives you comfort, peace or relaxation when needed. To reach Edel’s, we had to hop into the car and drive a good half an hour North where we reached a picturesque village called Killaloe. This riverside town was truly magnificent; its history dates back to the year 900 and nowadays it is still an important boating and fishing centre.

It got late, but the kids were still going strong so after a round at the playground it was time for dinner in a pub. I like that idea. We tried different dishes but the seafood chowder was especially delicious. Time passed really quickly and after our lovely day with Edel and her family it was already time to pack up. Thank you Edel from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story with me, for showing us around and being such a warm host!

We feel that we barely scratched the surface of this rough, wild yet romantic country. It seems the more we travel, the longer our bucket list gets! Do you know that phenomena? Let us know in the comments below.