Reflections – 17 Weeks to go

17 weeks to go…

Last week, I was talking about having felt out of balance. Something which truly bothered me as one of our Raasta Project goals is to build our dream life around our core family values like freedom (both from a financial as well as a time standpoint), balance and travel. We both committed ourselves not to settle for a conventional life and that inevitably requires constant personal development; I guess we have realised exactly that in the last few months.

Obviously, some outer circumstances like Renz losing his job last February have triggered some internal turmoil. But, we truly believe, we were meant to go through them and life throws specific topics at us because there is a need from our side to grow and learn in certain areas of life. And well, if we are not willing or ready to learn it this time around, life has time, it will give us another chance 🙂

One thing we learnt is that in order to speed up, we have to slow down. What seems like a contradiction started to make particularly sense in the past few days. We have been doing a lot in 2018. I feel sometimes we said “yes” to projects where we probably should have said “no”. It is a learning process and I feel one take away is to be more mindful of our time. We make it a point to really take out some time to reflect on what has happened in the (soon to be) past year in order to gain even more clarity when it comes to our priorities for our family in 2019.

We are both clear on one thing: 2019 will be a fantastic year. We might not know exactly what it will bring, but you know what, that is fine. I think we have learnt to a certain extent to be comfortable with the unknown. Anyhow, the only thing that is constant is change. The phrase might be slightly overused but it fits. The things we can certainly do is to always show up with a positive frame of mind, to take radically responsibility of our life and live in integrity.

After all, what is a fulfilled life? Sometimes, I believe, it is – rather than the big bangs – those small moments where you feel completely at ease and aligned. We had such a moment last Sunday in a pretty village called Falera. When we got off Sindbad (our car for those new to our blog), the kids were not super excited. They just woke up and were a bit cranky. We managed to give them the time they needed, being patient and present.

After a short while, their mood changed and in the end, we all were on the ice rink with skates on our feet.

It was very peaceful and quiet, there was only another family with us, we caught sight of the beautiful St. Remigius chapel covered in snow, the trees and the chapel were lit up for Christmas. We cruised the ice, drank some hot tea and ate some home baked Christmas cookies. It was one of those small, perfect moments.

Wherever you are on this planet, we wish you some magical moments – take them in, enjoy them to the fullest, taste those cookies, enjoy the hugs, drink some Glühwein, be grateful and – if needed – forgiving!

From the bottom of our hearts: Happy Holidays!

Your Raasta Family


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