Raasta Project One – Along the Rhine River by bicycle – Leg 7

Leg 7: Flaach – Bad Säckingen (65km)

After we left my parents’ house where we spent the night we were reunited with our bikes in Flaach. The day’s route started with an uphill stretch and continued leading us up and down, often on forest tracks, which left me quite breathless after a short while.

I thought it might help to pump the tires of my bike in order not to waste any energy – let me tell you that it didn’t really (at all) work but I appreciated Renz’ effort!


We reached Kaiserstuhl, a small town, which is listed as a heritage site of national significance with its administration building of the former St. Blasien monastery, the Mayenfisch- or Marschalhaus, the Upper Tower and the city walls.


Kaiserstuhl was followed by yet another site of national significance; a medieval village called Bad Zurzach, which is mainly known for the thermal water bath. Zurzach marked our lunch spot; as usual we had a picnic ready and relaxed for a while at the Rhine.


It was a dull day – the route was so far the most monotone one and I just felt like I never really woke up; I struggled!


We nevertheless continued, as the highlight of the day was yet to come. When we crossed the small, covered wooden bridge and entered Germany we were allowed a first glimpse on Bad Säckingen, which is located in the very southwest of Germany next to the Swiss border on the river Rhine. The city lies on the southern edge of the Black Forest area, which is famous for its cuckoo clocks, Black Forest ham or cake.


The hotel we booked informed us that our booked room had water damage and they needed us to shift to their sister hotel five kilometers out of town. I was not looking forward to the extra kilometers but as the alternative they suggested looked like a lovely place we decided it was not a bad deal – especially as we got it for the same price.


Before we headed to the hotel we enjoyed the old town with its pretty, charming timbered houses, the countless restaurants, the Gothic cathedral called Fridolinsmünster and the central square Münsterplatz.


We had trouble deciding where to dine, as there were so many options. Finally we went for Italian, which we did not regret. We spent a relaxing evening with excellent food, good conversations and some people watching – the whole atmosphere had a Mediterranean touch. We had a good time! At this stage we did not know yet what turn our trip would take 😉

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