Raasta Project ONE – Along the Rhine River by bicycle – Leg 5

Leg 5: Dornbirn – Kreuzlingen (73km)

Cally is a real diva! After we said goodbye to Einstein the goldfish at Harry’s Home Hotel in the morning, we were ready to hit the road but Cally – my bike – was acting up; the chain got really badly stuck. It took us a good hour to fix it. We managed the challenge without getting angry or irritated at each other which we thought was quite an accomplishment 🙂

After we had the issue fixed, we rode a few kilometres before we crossed the border back into Switzerland; we were looking forward to the day as we expected to reach the Bodensee or lake Constance – as it is called in English – in the afternoon.

Firstly, we rode along the Old Rhine (in German it is called Alter Rhein), which is the old riverbed of the Alpine Rhine in St. Gallen and Vorarlberg in the Rhine Valley.


Some arms of the Rhine were cut off when the Rhine was straightened during the 20th century; these cut-off arms have now become valuable recreational areas and a nature reserve. There is an adventure trail in place along the Old Rhine with information boards featuring topics related to nature, culture or technic revolving around the Rhine.


Soon after we were welcomed by lake Constance; the sun as well as the people were out and in combination with an ice cream we got a very maritime feeling. No wonder the lake is called “Schwäbisches Meer”, which translates to Swabian Sea by the locals. Given its size – it is the third biggest inland lake in Europe – you can barely see the shore of the opposite side of the lake.


It was a busy Sunday afternoon at the lake; people strolling, children playing or swimming, guys fishing and countless boats on the lake. As the scenery is utterly beautiful we struggled to make progress on our route as we kept stopping to admire the view or take pictures. You really get an understanding why this region is a famous holiday destination!


Omnipresent was the scent of fresh apples and pears and harvesting of the fruits was in full swing. The region is famously called “Mostindien” (must India); must as it is a traditional apple and pear growing area and India as the shape of the canton Thurgau resembles the one of India (kind of).


We reached Kreuzlingen quite late in the evening due to the bike repair work in the morning and decided to take the first place we could get to sleep which was the camping site Fischerhaus where you can rent simple rooms.


After a quick shower we headed out again and had some lovely dinner at the lakeside – burger and fish”chnusperli”. We just arrived in time for the sunset, which was very special.


We realized that when you exercise a lot, the food and a beer tastes extra good!


In the middle of the night I got up to attend a call with some buddies from a mastermind group – as they are scattered around the world it means it takes place at 3a.m. for me. I find that pretty cool and it is inspiring to have like-minded people with whom you can share your business progress, exchange ideas, ask for feedback or accountability. Okay, on the timing we could work a bit….