Raasta Project is back….stronger than ever :-)

Raasta Project is back – stronger than ever as we added a new member to the crew and are now exploring the world as a family of three.


A lot has happened since we welcomed our little, cute son into this world – we have been on the go a lot but didn’t blog about it at all. It seems when you become parents you start to reflect differently. Before you took decisions for yourself, now they will impact not only you but also your child. The analysis paralysis struck and I ended up not writing, even though I got the time as baby P is quite a chilled out fellow. I was wondering where I should start? What should we share, what should remain private? Is it a good idea to blog at all?

I got to a point where I decided I should possibly just get back to writing without thinking too much about it and listen to my heart and what feels right at this very moment. Writing, after all, is extremely important to me, as is travelling and my family. I have to find a way to balance what is important to me and what I think is good for my child. I for sure don’t want him to feel embarrassed when he discovers pictures of himself or stories about him in the World Wide Web when he is eighteen. Or in case he becomes a big shot at God knows what, I don’t want the media to ruin his highflying career with pictures I posted 🙂 Okay, at 18 he might find everything I do/did extremely embarrassing and uncool anyhow, but you know what I mean.

For now, back to May, to a time where we were still a couple and not yet parents.


On Friday, me and my very pregnant bump had a “rendez-vous” with my gynaecologist where I started to feel overly confident and nearly at home – I visited him every day as my due date came and went over a week ago. All was in order but it did seem that baby P felt very comfortable in his temporary home and did not attempt to discover the world over the weekend – at least according to the doc.

I met my hubby for a lunch date and as I had no signs of the “nesting instinct”, I afterwards continued roaming around the city. My feet were itchy; it felt strange not having anything planned in the travel department. I ended up at the airport (yes, I like the atmosphere there), did some people and plane watching, proceeded to a bookstore where I looked through guidebooks wondering where our first trip as a family could take us.


Little did I know that a day later I would be a mommie. Giving birth is a truly life-changing moment; everything I felt was very intense: the pain, the fear, the love for my husband and my baby, the appreciation for my own body to just name a few of the emotions.


Nearly three months have passed since this moment and so far we love being parents. Summer in Switzerland has been very hot and sunny, perfect conditions to explore a lot, which we did – with baby in tow. We will blog about it in details in due course, but here a few glimpses on what we have been up to.

Hiking in the Swiss Alps. We are already pros in hiking with the pram and the baby carrier. We did a lot of kilometers introducing our son to the beauty of the Alps. Okay, he slept most of the time but the air is great up here :-):


Baby P went to his first football match – and not just any game, at least one time was the well-known German team HSV (Hamburger Sport Verein). They were playing against a small local team as they were here on their summer training camp:

Cooling off at the Caumasee, Vierwaldstättersee (lake Lucerne) and Greifensee:


At three weeks baby P got his first passport and ID card. So we used the opportunity and with exactly four weeks he crossed the border for the first time. Germany it was! We explored Konstanz and the flower island Mainau:

RP-is-back_8We also booked the first “proper” family trips. In a few days we will fly to Finland and in September we will visit Hamburg for the Cruise Days. Exciting and happy times!

It feels great to be back! What have you been up to this summer? Lets us know in the comments below!