RAASTA PROJECT 2 – Minimise to the Max – Week 1

Raasta Project: 2
Mission: Minimise to the Max

How much can you minimise before it starts to influence the quality of your life?
Participants: The entire Raasta Family
Status: Week 1 of 5

If you have followed us for some time you have heard us talking about wanting to live a minimalistic lifestyle. After realising what big of a task it is to actually achieve it, we came to the conclusion that the whole declutter process should become our second Raasta Project. But – hang on – what is about the first one, Raasta Project 1

Well, there was a time, nearly five years ago to be precise, where we started Raasta Project 1. Anybody out there remembers that? If not, you can read more about it here. We basically put it on hold back then because we found out that we were expecting a baby. So, here we are, nearly five years later and Raasta Project 1 is back on the radar. Stay tuned, a lot of exciting things are about to happen!

But for now, back to the minimising project. Another point which became evident is the following: consuming does not only happen on a materialistic level, it nowadays also happens on a digital level. We are keen on tackling that aspect too and become more mindful of what and how much we consume digitally. 

Now, without further ado, here are the different areas we tackle in RP2:

  • Flat in the Alps: we will go through all drawers and cupboards yet again to decide what is needed and what not. 
    Status: dreading to start.
  • Storage:we minimised that one quite a bit, the goal is to close it completely. Below you see the progress we have made so far. 
    Status: quite advanced
November 18
December 18
January 19
  • Physical files:We had one shelf with documents. We went through them, digitalised all of them and only kept the most recent ones printed out. 
    Status: nearly done
  • Server:we want to install a save server including a backup solution so we can access our data from all our devices from all over the world in an as save as possible way. 
    Status: started but we encounter a problem with one of the devices, it does not connect.
  • Digital files:declutter and organise the digital files plus unsubscribing of all the newsletters which we do not read anyhow. 
    Status: not started yet

We are curious, are you more the minimalistic type or the hoarder? JLet us know in the comments below.

Happily decluttering in the snow, 

Your Raasta Family