Raasta Family Update – Anywhere with you is home….

So, it has been nearly five months since we moved to the Alps (no complaints about the living room view).

We really enjoyed the beautiful, sun-filled summer we had in Europe. We travelled to Portugal and Ireland, attended a beautiful wedding, watched my sister get engaged, shaped our business (more on that below) and got visited by so many dear friends.

Besides the good times and all the fun we had, we also experienced really tough, dark moments. Moments where we wanted to give up, where we were (are) exhausted and cried (me, mainly). Let’s face it; building up a business whilst travelling and raising kids can be exhausting. Sometimes we felt tempted to just retreat to a “normal” job, have weekends off, buy a Skoda Octavia 🙂 (no offences in case you have one) and enjoy our small kiddies. But, at the same time, we know deep inside that this is our dream, that this is what we are meant to be doing. And we are convinced that it is important to show our children that it is worth chasing your dreams, even though they may seem unrealistic and lead you down the not-so-easy, unconventional path.

We want to exemplify to them that we get up every day and try to be the best version of ourselves. And that it is okay to fail sometimes. We want to show them that we don’t know everything, but that it is so exciting to be curious, to learn and experience new things. And after all, we want to show them that the world is big, diverse and beautiful and that we are grateful for all the blessings we get to encounter.

So, we push ourselves and hold on to our crazy dream, walking down this unconventional road, because, as Marianne Williamson says “you playing small does not serve the world”. Back in 2014, whilst having tried unsuccessfully to start a family for quite some time, we shifted our focus and decided to go travelling for a year no matter what. I resigned from my well-paying job, we set off and started cycling from Switzerland to the Netherlands following the Rhine river…. to find out right before crossing the border into France that we were expecting a baby. And we stopped – as I felt really sick.

So, the plan now is that we will pick up the thread where we left it and dedicate a full year to travelling starting on our 10th wedding anniversary in April 2019.

Our goals are to find out or to get clearer on how we want to raise our kids, how we want our family constellation to be, how, where or whether we want to settle down and whether that whole digital nomad thing works out for us as a family.

Until April 2019 we will spend some time in the Alps in autumn, then travel to Austria, Italy and then we will take the kids for the very first time to India via Oman. We are so curious to find out how they will react. And how it will be for us as parents.

So, moving on to the stuff we have been working on recently. And where we could need your support 🙂

Raasta Project

  • You can follow our adventures by subscribing to our blog, Instagram or Facebook page.
  • Get rid of our stuff – guys, we still have too much stuff and we really want to clear that storage before April! Here you find an updated list of whatever needs to go. Forward it to anybody you know who might need something. We would also be okay to give away some things for charity if you know of a good cause.
  • Lend us an e-bike for April 2019 and be okay for us to ride it from Rheinfelden, Switzerland to the Netherlands. We will arrange for the transportation back to Switzerland – promised!

Wedding Lounge

  • We are building up this special platform, kind of an IKEA for wedding stationary and decoration. We are currently looking for 10 couples who want to work with us to design a customised wedding stationary and decoration set. If you are interested or know anybody who might be, we are more than happy to let you know the details.

Writing Lounge

  • My next reading event will be on 12th October 2018 in Davos at the beautiful coffee shop “KaffeKlatsch”. Spread the word or come and join me.
  • The English version of my book will be published on 21st I cannot tell you how excited I am…and how much work it still is aaaah, panic attack. So just stay tuned, I hope I can soon share more!





Thank you so much for tagging along!

The Raasta Family