Our 2018 in 12 Pics – 16 weeks to go

16 weeks to go…

Before going all big on New Year’s Resolutions, we wanted to take time to reflect and look back at 2018. We made it a point to both write down month by month what we did in 2018, what we enjoyed, what we didn’t and with what or whom we could not find closure yet.

Looking at the pictures we felt a huge sense of gratitude. Even though the year did not start off that great with some family issues and a job loss, we realised how much we got to experience. We explored eleven countries together as a family and made great memories. Wow! We set off on an unconventional journey as a family based around travel, freedom and personal development which we otherwise probably would not have dared to do.

So, below you find the twelve highlight photos of our 2018. We wanted to share with you why each photo is special to us. Hope you enjoy it!

January – Levi, Finland

Finnish Lapland in winter with extended family and many adventures. Only Aurora a.k.a. the Northern Lights was shy, a reason to return to this beautiful place!

February – Kittilä, Finland

One of the things we enjoyed most were the different lights. You might think that in Lapland in Winter it is dark all the time. That is not the case. Even when it is dark, the snow reflects the moonlight and the stars. It is hard to describe but the different lights have something magical – even withouth the Northern Lights!

March – Winterthur, Switzerland

I got to share the story of my first novel in the old people’s home where my grandmother lived for her last years. It is also the place I found the letters which later inspired me to write the book. Whilst I am usually not nervous before readings, here I was. I felt so close to my grandmother ♥

April – Zurich, Switzerland

April brought many changes for our family. We gave up our city apartment which we loved and moved to our holiday flat. The plan: dedicate the next year (or years?) to traveling whilst having a tiny base in the Alps.

Mai – Oberalppass, Switzerland

To visit my cousin who lives with her family in the French speaking part of Switzerland, we have to cross the country pretty much from East to West. Whilst that is not a long journey as Switzerland is tiny, it takes some time as you cross the Alps. We were surprised by the amount of snow still lying on the Oberalp Alpine Pass.

June – Caumasee, Switzerland

Many friends came to visit us during summer and we all took them to beautiful Caumasee. Looking at this turquoise coloured lake makes you feel like in the Caribbean rather than in a Swiss village.

July – Up in the sky, Portugal & Ireland

In July we travelled to Porto and Cork – many memories were made and lovely friends were met.

August – Bargis, Switerzland

Our European summer was warm and sunny, we were very active and enjoyed a lot of outdoor time hiking and swimming. We are grateful that my parents are still very fit and like to accompany us.

September – Vals, Switzerland

Summer was going strong so we continued to explore some nearby attractions. One particular pretty village we discovered was Vals. Located in the Valser valley, it is known for its thermal baths. It is the source of the Valser mineral water and Valserstein, a granite with many minerals in it giving it a sparkle.

October – Flims, Switzerland

In October we got to witness the international hot air balloon festival from our living room window. For one week, the hot air balloons were taking off and sometimes landing just in front of us. It was spectacular!

November – Mumbai, India

November took us to Oman and India. It was lovely to see how much our kids enjoyed exploring daddy’s home.

December – Flims, Switzerland

Just in time for Christmas it started to snow and we got to experience white Christmas with all it’s fun activities like sledging, skiing and ice skating! And Sindbad, our blue Mini Countryman (a true family car 😉 ) serves us well, even in the snow!

This was our 2018. We are excited for the new year and even more adventures as we grow our Raasta community. We happily invite you to travel along with us virtually. For now, we wish all of you a blessed, adventurous and well-rounded 2019!

Your Raasta Family


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