Oh my God, this is getting real – 14 Weeks to go

14 weeks to go …. less than 100 days

Back in May, shortly after we moved from our city apartment to our small home in the Alps I was talking about stuff. In the process of giving up our large apartment we went through a major downsizing exercise and decluttered our belongings even though we felt back then that we did not own an awful lot of things. Fact is, we still hired a storage room for some furniture items etc. 

As we made the decision to press forward with Raasta Project in 2019, we have decided to get rid of the storage and let go of even more things – meaning, everything that does not fit into our 2.5 room base (which measures roughly 40m2/430ft2)needs to go. Pretty straight forward. Or not that pretty much straight forward. First of all, we realise it actually takes a lot of effort to minimise your materialistic belongings. Technically you could get one huge skip container and dump everything you don’t need anymore, but we kind of felt that our things, which are still in really good shape, deserve a second life. Now, from a monetary perspective it does not really pay off going through the efforts of posting items online, interacting with potential buyers, meeting them for the handover etc. At times, I felt like this has evolved into a job (with very poor payment)! Nevertheless, we do it as we feel it is a waste of resource to throw away furniture which is still in shape. 

We realised we needed to speed things up a bit, otherwise we could keep ourselves busy with the downsizing project for a really long time without making much of a progress. So, the storage will be closed by end of January. And as soon as we put a closing date in our calendar, other emotions started showing up. Hesitation, doubt, fear. We realised we started to cling to items which we really do not need anymore, neither do we like them particularly. The Bullshit FM started playing the “What if we fail?” and “What if we are not good enough at what we are doing?” songs. Not comfortable, not helpful. But, fear is not real, it is just in our heads. It will pass, it is okay, we will still move ahead. Fact is, we still can come back. Even if we decide after a few months that the entire project does not feel as great as we imagined it to be, well, we can still come home and set up a bigger base again. 

Besides the downsizing, we spent a considerable amount of time this week planning our travels – something which also takes more time than you think, but especially I love doing it!

We tend to get excited about new projects, we love to try out different things, experience diverse places and learn a variety of skills and facts. We truly enjoy the change, we like to go camping, we like 5-star resorts so we feel we cannot stick to one particular style of travel. 

We came up with 6 Projects which we want to tackle in 2019 – they might change, we are pretty flexible in our plans. So, drum roll… Raasta Project 2 … will be revealed next Sunday. You have a guess? And why do we start with number 2? Well, you will learn next Sunday. 

This countdown posts will continue until our official launch date on 18thApril 2018 – our 10-year wedding anniversary. 

As you might have guessed from all the pictures, we got a ton of snow and apparently, it will continue to snow this weekend! Fun times in winter wonderland.

Busy decluttering but waving happily at you, 

Your Raasta Family

Current project: Minimising

Overall mood: busy bees

Current location: Illnau, Switzerland

Countdown: 99 days

Updated “needs to go”-list

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