Looking Back at 2014…

After a long holiday break Raasta Project is back!

Well, it is not the most creative thing to do around this time of the year to have a look back at the past and a look ahead on the New Year, but this is exactly what we are going to do today.

2014 was an exciting year for us. It started with an open air Fondue up in the Swiss Alps. It was chilly but the atmosphere to welcome the New Year outdoors just surrounded by family, a fondue caquelon, mulled wine, lots of snow and a sky blinking with countless stars was fantastic!


Soon after welcoming 2014 we headed off to India where we were fortunate enough to attend an Indian wedding. Renz’ cousin – a Catholic – got married to his sweetheart – a Punjabi girl. We ended up celebrating for two weeks attending both Catholic and Punjabi functions. There was a lot of food, music, dancing and fellowship. It sure was a unique experience and we had a fantastic time.


In February we launched this blog – whilst it has not taken off like crazy yet, but we enjoy documenting our journey and will continue to do so in 2015. Thanks to all our readers for following our story. We promise it will remain as exciting.

In spring we had the opportunity to buy a small flat in the Swiss Alps, a place, which is very dear to our hearts and where we could see ourselves having a base whilst in Switzerland. The offer was just too good, so we jumped into this adventure and are very happily spending even more time up here now.


In April we headed to Malaysia with the entire family. We explored Kuala Lumpur, the Cameron Highlands, Georgetown, Batu Ferringhi and Pangkor Laut. We had a good time and could imagine going back to explore even more.


On the way home from Malaysia we stopped in Mumbai and spent a week in our second home. Mumbai never fails to surprise us; also this time we discovered a few places we enjoy hanging out at like a cute bakery nearby our apartment to name just one.


In May I was off to London for a girlfriend’s Hens’ night. It was weird to travel on my own after a long time; I realized how used I got to traveling with my hubby and best friend.


In July we celebrated Renz 40th birthday in style. We headed up to a mountain resort called Frutt Lodge & Spa, a stylish hideaway on a sunny high plateau called Melchsee-Frutt at 1920 m above sea level – surrounded by magnificent nature and Alpine mountains. The weekend was spent enjoying the lovely views over the Melchsee, hiking, dining and getting pampered in the spa. My parents and sister surprised Renz for his birthday with a visit and we had another glass of champagne.


August 1st marks the Swiss National Day and we hiked to lake Toma where we enjoyed an epic picnic and had the idea to follow the Rhine river through Europe by bicycle. Raasta Project 1 was born.


In the end of August we had fun at a huge airshow called Air14 in western Switzerland to celebrate 100 years of Swiss air forces.


We took off in September for our Raasta Project 1 and made good progress cycling along the Rhine, at least the first few days. The ones of you who followed our blog might have wondered why all of it came to an abrupt stop. The time has come to shed some light on that story. Thursday was another day on the bike. We spent the night at my parents’, had a wonderful dinner, a couple glasses of red wine and a good night’s sleep. Nevertheless, the following day I could hardly manage the lightest ascent; I felt really weird, not sick but weak. At lunchtime I had to lie down on a bench and I seriously questioned why I was doing all that. Usually I tend to be more ambitious than Renz when it comes to sports. Not on that specific day! He tried to convince me to go a bit further but at some stage in the afternoon I begged him to just find us a hotel. Alarm bells went of in Renz’ head as under normal circumstances I would prefer falling off the bike than giving in and not reaching the destination. After some difficulties finding a hotel, a stop at the pharmacy and a shower we faced a life changing reality: we are expecting 🙂 It was a shock for us; a positive one and we hardly could sleep that night.

As early pregnancy symptoms kicked in quite strongly, we only rode the bicycle to Basle, hopped on a train to Strasbourg where we enjoyed the remaining days of our vacation and got used to the thought that up from May 2015 we will have another tiny travel buddy following us around the globe.


In October we headed to Austria, to “Milka-town” Bludenz. It was another short break spent hiking, visiting the Milka chocolate factory, working remotely on our projects and relaxing.

Friends told us to get plenty of sleep and “us” time ahead of baby’s arrival so we are taking that advice very seriously.

In November we planned a three weeks trip to India but due to my pregnancy my doc advised me not to travel long-haul. To be honest I as a bit disappointed but we didn’t want to take a risk. So, the next trip to India will be with baby P in tow.


The holidays we spent up in the Alps in our lovely apartment surrounded by family. The year ended as it started, outside in the snow and rather quiet – with one tiny difference; Instead of a glass of champagne I had a mug of hot orange fruit punch in my hand.


A belated happy, healthy and inspiring 2015 to all of you!

P.S.: As this post already got so long we will focus on our plans for 2015 in the next post!