Looking Ahead at 2015…

After looking back at our colourful, exciting 2014 and our big reveal that up from May Raasta Project will grow by a member – whom we will call baby P for now – it is time to talk about our 2015.

Whilst we are not big on New Year’s resolution it is nevertheless a good time to pause for a moment and think about the priorities in life – and whether we actually make them a priority in our everyday life or whether other noise tends to take over. We do not believe in too strict planning. Anyhow, with a baby on the way, it will be difficult to try to stick to a military-like protocol.

When we are thinking of our priorities, these come to our mind:

  1. Have time for each other and grow close as a family.
  2. Being location independent without forgetting our roots (we plan to have a small base in the Swiss Alps and one in Mumbai respectively).
  3. Do work we love and which inspires us.
  4. Connect with nature, be physically and mentally balanced.
  5. Less is more – get rid of everything which is not essential to us, both mentally and materially.
  6. Explore the world slowly, enjoy each and every day.
  7. Follow our hearts and entrust our feelings.

And this is the status quo and our focus for 2015 regarding our priorities:

  • We do have more time for each other than last year when we both worked full time. How we will adjust to life with a baby, well that we will see from May onwards. We are very excited to welcome baby P in May – as relaxed as possible.
  • Whilst we are not location independent yet, we will move from a partially location dependent life to a location independent lifestyle by 2016. We already have a small base in Switzerland as well as in India, which we can call our own.
  • We are in the process of setting up streams of income with our wedding branding business and the book I am writing to replace the income we are currently generating from our day jobs. We have other projects up the sleeves, more on those a bit later.
  • We love to be outside and manage to do so quite often. We hope we can hand down this love for nature to our child(ren?).
  • We got rid off many materialistic things; our flat is already rather clutter-free. Also regarding baby stuff we did not go crazy and are proud of ourselves that we only got basics (so far at least). By the end of the year we plan to give up our rental city apartment.
  • We are looking forward to a phase in life where we have more time to travel slowly and explore a place at our own speed. When managing to replace our income stream and become location independent – which will include giving up our current day jobs – travelling slowly will become feasible. We intend to stay at a location for several weeks at a time renting apartments where we don’t own one.
    We are already quite good at enjoying ourselves – I am currently just missing my occasional glass of red. Travel-wise we will focus on exploring Europe, even Switzerland and our current hometown Zurich, as long-haul flights are not in for me for the time being.
  • This is a point where we see our strongest point of development 😉 We do worry and wonder whether we will be able to achieve what we are dreaming of. We feel it is possible but our head still gets in the way quite often. We take a lot of time to talk about our worries and I started meditating to calm my monkey mind.

Overall, 2015 will be a big year of transition for us. Whilst many couples or young families our age dream of buying a house, settle down and save for the old age, we strive to live an unconventional life. Our biggest dream is to life a free, simple life. The thought of having a house or a lot of stuff terrifies us, it makes us feel caged and not free.

You might wonder which direction the Raasta Project blog will take – will we become a family travel blog? A place where we focus on the location independent lifestyle? A business blog? A blog for wine lovers? To be honest, we do not know yet and we are completely fine with it. If you stick around, you will find out 🙂

So, what are your plans for 2015? Or are you more the spontaneous type? Let us know in the comments below.

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