Contrasts – 19 Weeks to go

19 weeks to go…

Just like that, our time in India came to an end. Goodbyes are never easy but we keep saying it is a good sign if it is hard to leave – it means you had an enjoyable time 😉

The cab to the airport squeezed its way through Mumbai’s afternoon traffic giving us time to soak in some more sights – people getting a haircut on the sidewalk, vegetable vendors selling their goods on a plastic mat just above the exhaust level of all the cars passing, women in their beautifully coloured saris crossing the streets, goats and cows roaming the streets or being tied to a poll…you can’t get bored staring out of the window but at the same time it is impossible to process it all!

Change of scenery – Mumbai Airport: The check-in and security process was painstakingly slow even though there were not many people queuing. It took us a solid 2.5 hours to reach our departure gate. The kids were in good spirits and as it is then you, as parents, are too.

We observed planes taking off and landing which made the time until boarding pass quickly. As mentioned previously, we always try to board last to minimise the time sitting on the plane. The flight passed quickly and uneventful. Before we knew it, descent towards Muscat started.

We had our bags checked through to Milan, our final destination. Facing a nearly 24 hour layover we decided to go into town – on our way to India we stayed some hours in the transfer hotel skipping Muscat. For entering Oman, we needed a transfer visa which we got online the day before.

Immigration was very quickly and swiftly. When leaving the airport, I felt like I could hear myself breathing. It was so quiet – at least compared to India. Only a few guys approached us inquiring whether we need a taxi. Everything was sparkling clean, including the cars. We later learnt that you can apparently get a fine if you drive a dirty/dusty vehicle.

The evening we spent with Renz’ friends whom he has not met in nearly 20 years. We had a lovely time with delicious food and some late-night sightseeing. Our daughter needed some time to adjust to the people wearing traditional clothing. The mall where we had dinner was very crowded being a Friday night, the weekend in Oman.

Nevertheless, in the 20 something hours, which we spent in the sultanate we got a taste of this beautiful and diverse country. We enjoyed the mix of tradition and modernity as well as the hospitality. We would love to see more: more beaches, the desert, the wadis, the mountains. Oman, we will be back! Thanks Jaya, Hoozan and Samara for being great hosts and tour guides on our super quick stopover!

We landed back in Europe to rainy Milan on Saturday night and drove to the Alps right away. Whilst we were gone, Christmas spirit kicked in. On our Sunday walk we spotted many decorated trees. The kids were determined to bring the largest one they saw back to our house. We didn’t do that, but we went to the cellar bringing up the little Christmas decoration we own. It warmed our hearts watching them eagerly decorating the house.

The excitement of our kids is very refreshing. Probably the biggest take-away from our trip was how easily they adjust and just live in the moment. Something we try to train ourselves to do as well and we hope we succeed in not extinguishing the “fire in their eyes” whilst bringing them up. They get excited about the smallest things, willing to openly learn and discover new things. Whilst being their parents we feel we can actually learn a lot from them!

A week of contrasts ends and we are looking forward to the advent time in the mountains (and some “Glühwein”). The weather forecast predicts some heavy snowfall in the coming days. Follow us and see whether we get snowed in!

Always happy, your

Raasta Family


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