Chasing Visas & a Test Trip – 22 Weeks to go

We are currently preparing for an exciting trip. Both our sisters celebrate a big birthday in the coming days. They live on different continents so in order to make it for both parties we hop between two continents. First, we will set off to Austria and Italy for a fun weekend, then we take a plane (or rather two, we have a day lay-over in Oman) in order to make it in time to party number 2 in Mumbai.

We mentioned it before, we are super pumped to take the kids for the first time to India. We are so curious how they and we will react. Even though we have been traveling with them since they were a few weeks young, but India will be something completely different. I remember the first time I visited more than a decade ago. It was overwhelming – both in the positive and in the negative sense. The positive however always predominated.

It has been nearly five years since we last were there. Wow, that is the longest we have not visited. We are looking forward to seeing friends and family. And for some delicious food and long overdue Lassi.

Now, there was a small hiccup in the prep. Well in advanced we all applied for OCI cards; as Renz’ used to be an Indian citizen we are entitled to such a card which enables us to travel to India without a visa (amongst other benefits). Here is the thing: only Renz’ OCI made it in time. Bummer. I ended up driving a solid 500 kilometres today to pick it up from the embassy in Berne whilst getting e-visas for the rest of the crew. Not the end of the world, but also not something you really fancy doing (plus waving goodbye to a couple of hundreds of dollars).

That whole 2018 journey has proven to be an emotional one. We realise that more than anything else we get confronted with a lot of topics which require some inner work from our side. Being pushed out of our comfort zone has brought the best and the worst out of us. We were astonished how much we were able to accomplish. On the not so pretty side we both encountered emotional topics floating to the surface of which we are not too proud of. One of them is fear – a paralysing fear which freezes you to the core. I guess from an evolutional stand point the fear was there to protect us and keep us safe. But fear does not always serve us. Very often it hinders us or it gives us an excuse not to get going.

We have been working with a business coach who focuses on the mindset part of business. One take away for us was that we are scared to “go out” and market our services as we fear to be judged, a fear of not being good enough. Not necessarily what you want to hear but it is bang on. He (being James Wedmore) continued: “You cannot have fear and faith at the same time.” So, we are both trying to wave goodbye to fear in order to consciously have faith in our journey and fully embrace the unknown.

It was a busy week with a lot of client work, logistics and commitments. But, suitcases are packed, the car still needs to be loaded. The Raasta Family is ready to hit the road!

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The Raasta Family


Current project: Packing, sorting out visas

Overall mood: Happy

Current location: Berne & Lucerne, Switzerland

Countdown: 155 days

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