Cameron Highlands – The Most Underrated Sight

In the highlands it is all about farms – strawberry, orchid, honeybee, butterfly or cactus farms and of course the countless tea plantations.

On our first day in Cameron Highlands we visited a strawberry farm as well as the BOH tea plantation. In the afternoon we decided to visit the Rose Centre as it was on our way back to the hotel.

When we parked our rental car in the parking lot, we stared in disbelief at the entrance – the centre looked small, a little bit like a display of a flower shop with a wooden hut marking the entrance. The visitors’ fee was RM 5 (US$ 1.50) and we wondered whether it was worth it. We still decided to give it a go and sure did not regret it.


The Rose Centre is a hidden treasure, as you discover the beauty and the dimension only little by little. The converted former vegetable farm spreads over ten levels of terraces and is home to over 100 varieties of different coloured roses as well as other flower species, some imported and some of local origin.


The architecture of the garden combines western and eastern design. When you venture through the Rose Centre you will be fascinated by the display of the various cultural murals and colourful stone sculptures which blend well with the landscape.


After we spent about two hours in the scenic rose garden admiring the flowers and the views from the summit, we came to the conclusion that the Rose Centre was the most underrated sight in the Cameron Highlands.


As pictures speak more than words, we have some more for you.

Cameron-Highlands-Rose-Centre_5 Cameron-Highlands-Rose-Centre_6

In case you wish to visit the Rose Centre, it is located approximately 5km from Brinchang in the Cameron Highlands.

Update January 2015: My brother and his girlfriend re-visited the Cameron Highlands and had to discover that sadly, the rose centre was whipped away by a huge landslide and therefore had to be closed. 

2 thoughts on “Cameron Highlands – The Most Underrated Sight

    1. Sabi

      I don’t! When my brother and his girlfriend were there it was closed but that was a few months back! I hope they do, it was really worth the visit!