Been There Yesterdays – Vancouver

Recently when we looked through old pictures, we realized to how many places we have been – long before we thought of or even started this blog. So, we decided to share with you once a week a place we explored in the past in our rubric “Been There Yesterdays”.         

Whilst we worked as cruise ship officers aboard ships, Vancouver used to be our turnaround port during the Alaska Season. After two weeks in Alaska where we stopped in small ports or cruised scenic fjords – which was no doubt lovely – it was always nice to have a stopover back in a “proper” city.

raastaproject in vancouver, canada

Apparently this coastal seaport city in British Colombia has a lot to offer, but we honestly did not see much of it besides the pier and the proximity of the harbor even though we have visited countless times. Turnaround days on the ship were always very busy, all our guests disembarked, then there was a window of a few hours before the new guests arrived.

Raastaproject in Vancouver, Canada

What made it even harder was the fact that we had to clear Canadian and American customs every time we left and embarked the ship as there is no border control in the small Alaskan ports.

So needless to say, Canada is definitely on our bucket list to visit. I have only visited Victoria besides Vancouver, Renz did some ports on the Eastern coast as well but we would not dare to say we have seen Canada!

Raastaproject in Vancouver, Canada

We feel that even though we have visited a lot of places in this world, there is still so much more to explore! It seems as if the more we have seen, the longer our bucket list gets!