Been There Yesterdays – Port Chalmers

Recently when we looked through old pictures, we realized to how many places we have been – long before we thought of or even started this blog. So, we decided to share with you once a week a place we explored in the past in our rubric “Been There Yesterdays”.         

In 2007, whilst onboard the Sapphire Princess, we visited Port Chalmers, a suburb and main port of the city of Dunedin in New Zealand. Port Chalmers lies ten kilometers inside Otago Harbor, some 15 kilometers northeast from Dunedin’s city center, the second largest city on the South Island of New Zealand.


We did not always get the time to head downtown Dunedin, home to the University of Otago, but we often went for a hike on one of the hills around the port.

Much of Port Chalmers is located on a small hilly peninsula. Most of the large passenger ships as well as the container ships berth at Port Chalmers, closer to the open sea, rather than at the Port of Dunedin. Part of the reason for this is the narrowness of the Victoria Channel. The harbor beyond Port Chalmers is regularly dredged, nevertheless most of the port activity is centered on Port Chalmers rather than on central Dunedin.