Been There Yesterdays – Munich…not the Oktoberfest though!

Recently when we looked through old pictures, we realized to how many places we have been – long before we thought of or even started this blog. So, we decided to share with you once a week a place we explored in the past in our rubric “Been There Yesterdays”.         

It is Oktoberfest season in Europe! Currently you will find a lot of people dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen streaming into beer tents around many European cities. These days however, the original or dare we say “proper” Oktoberfest is taking place in Munich, for the 182nd time.


A couple of years ago we had some friends (my husband’s former Indian neighbor and his wife who got relocated from the US to Germany for some time) living in Munich, which resulted in us taking quite some weekend trips there.

Firstly because it is convenient for a weekend trip from Switzerland with a four hours drive away from Zurich, secondly we loved to visit our friends and thirdly their flat was strategically well placed – right next to Theresienwiese where the Oktoberfest takes place.


The last time we visited was in the end of July and preparations for the big event were already in full swing. I was wondering how much time there is between they finish clearing up and dismantling everything and the moment they start setting up again. A lot of effort for a two weeks event!

Even though the Oktoberfest was not on at the times we visited, you never go thirsty or hungry in Bavaria. The Biergarten culture is huge and there are around 1000 Biergarten in Munich itself! Besides beer you will get pretzels, veal sausages or roasted chicken.


As traditional as the beer is the fact that you can bring your own food to the Biergarten and do a picnic. The only rule is that ALL beverages have to be bought from the landlord, which we thought to be a really cool tradition.


In case you wish to visit this year’s Oktoberfest you have to rush – it is only on until 4th October!

Have you ever been to the Munich Oktoberfest? Or to any Oktoberfest around the globe?

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