Been There Yesterdays – Ketchikan

Recently when we looked through old pictures, we realized to how many places we have been – long before we thought of or even started this blog. So, we decided to share with you once a week a place we explored in the past in our rubric “Been There Yesterdays”.         

Alaska holds a very special place in our hearts, as it is the spot where we first met back in 2006. One of the ports of call we visited frequently was Ketchikan, the southeastern most city in Alaska which is nicknamed the salmon capital of the world, the rain capital of Alaska, the totem pole capital of the world or Alaska’s first city.


The reason – okay, one of the reasons – we enjoyed our stops there was a classy establishment called “Burger Queen”. The small house at Water Street does not look royal at all, but their burgers truly are! Let me tell you, I am usually really not that much into burgers, but they do know their stuff! Once you have chosen your burger, you have to decide on the side dishes. We just remember the onion rings being excellent and they have a huge variety of different milkshakes!

BTY-Ketchikan_2Photo Credit Facebook Page Burger Queen

“Burger Queen” is only open a few hours a day for lunch and it seems all the 8000 inhabitants of Ketchikan plus half of the crew from the berthing cruise ships get their lunch there! Everything is cooked fresh so better get installed at one of the tables as you will have to wait for some time. They also deliver so we sometimes had our lunch ordered to the ship.

BTY-Ketchikan_3Photo Credit Facebook Page Burger Queen

We loved the hilarious t-shirts they were wearing with the slogan “Burger Bitch just didn’t seemed right” 🙂

BTY-Ketchikan_4Photo Credit Facebook Page Burger Queen

Burger Queen” does not have a website but they do have a Facebook page where you can check the menu and see some mouth-watering pictures of their burgers. We don’t seem to have any; we must have been to hungry to think of pictures back then but we do have good memories!

Has anyone been to “Burger Queen” recently? Let us know in a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Been There Yesterdays – Ketchikan

    1. Sabi

      They did and still do (just checked). We haven’t tried it though so you might wanna go and check it out 😉 Let me know how it tasts!

    1. Sabi

      It truly is, we can only recommend visiting! I definately did not expect to meet the love of my life up there 😉

      Thanks for reading our story!