Adventure Farm at Lake Pfäffikon

In the next few weeks or possibly months our radius of action will be smaller so you get to find out with us what there is to do and explore around Zurich and the Swiss Alps. If you didn’t find out yet why we will not fly around the globe in the coming weeks, click here 😉

In case you miss reading about far off and exotic destinations – don’t worry! We decided two weeks ago to start a flashback column called “Been There Yesterdays” – every weekend we talk about places we visited before we started this blog, for example Sydney or later this week Fihalhohi.


Do you know where Fihalhohi is? No? Well, it is an island but you will find out more about it on Sunday, as today’s focus will be on a place of excursion at lake Pfäffikon in the Zurich region in Switzerland.


Pfäffikersee – as we call the lake in German – is situated about 27 kilometers outside of Zurich and easily reachable by train. Our starting point is usually Pfäffikon ZH (don’t get confused, there is another Pfäffikon in the canton of Schwyz at lake Zurich), a cute little town with a lovely promenade. Within a stone’s throw you find yourself in the midst of an enchanting lakeside landscape.


The walk around the entire lake through beautiful and romantic scenery is ten kilometers long and it will take you around two hours depending on your walking speed. Before, we used to run around the lake – then you manage in an hour. Now, we take it easier and even like to add a stop. A comfortable path leads you through the nature reserve, past tall reed beds and splendid moorland landscapes, home to countless varieties of flora and fauna.


At around halfway around the lake, you will find signs leading up to Jucker Farm, an adventure farm from where you enjoy a spectacular view over the lake and the mountains. In addition to producing and selling their own fruit and vegetables, other local products are offered in the cute farm shop and you can treat yourself to regional, often homemade, specialties in the farm restaurant.


Besides the culinary treats it is all about adventure for the entire family. There is a natural playground for kids, a goat park where you get to pet the goats, seasonal “self-plucking” of different fruits or berries as well as an apple garden (from May until November) with a labyrinth built out of 5900 apple trees. From January to May, you can enjoy the “straw world” – huge, meter-high figures out of straw and hay; some of them are even walk-in.


If you happen to be in the region during pumpkin season (August to November), a visit is definitely worth it as the entire farm is transformed into a colorful pumpkin paradise. Jucker Farm shot to fame with its pumpkin exhibitions and so you now get to see them even abroad, for example in the famous amusement park “Europapark” in Germany.


Jucker Farm is a good example for a creative, young and fresh enterprise. They stick to their principles “seasonal, regional, sustainable” whilst being innovative and different from their competitors. Out of their core business they make – thanks to their love for details and creativity – something special, which touches the emotions of visitors. At least we keep returning and can highly recommend it for a day trip if you are in the region!

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