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Namaste or Grüezi – we are thrilled you found your way here! We are the Raasta family, Sabi & Renz along with our two young kids aged one and three.

Why Raasta? Well, Raasta means “road” in Hindi. We love to hit and being on the road, and after all life as such is a journey so we thought this would be the perfect name.


Our story started on a drizzly day in Alaska on a cruise ship – yes, the love boat – where we both worked at the time. That was in August 2006. For a few years we continued cruising around the world. Eventually we got married having our personal, intimate dream wedding in Goa, then – in 2010 – we moved to Switzerland. Settling down, buying a house, working in a 9 to 5 job and making beautiful babies? Believe us, we had a go at it. Whilst we succeeded in having to wonderful kids, we so far didn’t have the desire to buy a big house and settle down for good. After Renz lost his corporate job in spring 2018, we are now on a journey to create our dream lifestyle following our passion. 


Travelling has been an essential part of our lives and our source of inspiration – we cannot imagine a life without it. Besides that, Sabi loves to write and writing has been a vital part of her life for a very long time. She released her first novel in German in September 2017, the English version is planned to be published on 21 October 2018.

Since winning the All-India Camel Colour Contest as an 8 year old, Renz has been into drawing and ultimately graphic design. 

Together we are on a mission to create a lifestyle which allows us to enjoy life to the fullest (which often involves some red wine – not for the kids and delicious food), have fun, be happy, healthy and passionate, get inspired and keep learning whilst exploring the world.

Our ultimate goal is to be completely location independent, leading a family centred and well-rounded life whilst being financially free. We are not there yet, but en route.

We started this blog to chart our journey as travellers, as a growing family as well as entrepreneurs and we are happy you are part of it.



You have probably realised by now we take every effort to make our life pleasant. May we therefore invite you into one of our four lounges? Sit back and get comfortable: 

Thanks for reading and following our story!

4 thoughts on “About Us

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    1. Sabi Post author

      We are a bit biased as we used to work for Princess Cruises we truly like their ships. We have sailed on MSC and Costa as well and enjoyed both too. Lets hope we will make it on a NCL cruise.

      In a few weeks we will attend the Cruise Days in Hamburg. That will be fun!

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