A Very Dark Day :-(

I wrote down this words exactly two weeks ago and was wondering whether I should make them public at all. But I guess it is a situation which might happen/happened to some of you and there is nothing to be ashamed about:

Sometimes, life can seem unfair. It throws a situation at you which hurts, makes you cry and you feel like being stuck in a dark tunnel with no light in sight.

My husband lost his job. And it seems I am hurt more than him. I am actually crying writing this in a public coffee shop feeling bad for him having to go through it. Because lets face it, being laid off sucks. It makes you feel unwanted, unneeded and depending on how the situation was handled treated like you have done something really horrible when all you did was being in the wrong position at the wrong time.
Without having consulted a statistic I guess this happens to quite a few people around the globe at this very moment. But that is it: it happens to others, not you. Until well, you actually get called into the HR office ten minutes before your weekend and being presented with the termination letter.
I know that it is quite likely we will look back at it in a few month and thank the universe for pushing us out of our comfort zone big times. New opportunities will arise, new paths will unfold which we otherwise would not have dared to walk – afraid of the risk.
This afternoon, I went for a walk all by myself (which is rare these days) in order to clear my head. I ended up walking through the beautiful park which happens to be the graveyard my grandparents are buried. When I walked past a particular colourfully decorated row of graves I realised that this were the graves of children who only had a short few hours, days or years to live. And instantly, the whole scenario we as a family have been thrown into seemed much less tragic. After all, it is (or was :-)) a job. And you need to put it into perspective.
My message would probably be that. If you are the one who needs to fire somebody: I assume it is not fun for you neither but hey, don’t be a jerk.
There are humans behind each decision, they have – surprise, surprise – feelings. And very often there are families behind it too. Probably it would be a good idea to take out 10 seconds to put yourself into the shoes of the person receiving the unfortunate news. And yes, you could one day be that person.
Note to my hubby: no matter what, I promise to stand by you!
And note to myself: keep walking, it is not the end of the world. Actually it is the beginning of a new adventure! The future is bright!