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Hi, Namaste or Grüezi from Sabi, Renz & Baby P!

A warm welcome to Raasta Project – we are thrilled you found your way here!

Well, we guess you clicked on this page to find out a bit more about us….so here we go.


Our story started on a drizzly day in Alaska on a cruise ship – yes, the love boat – where we both worked at the time. For a few years we continued cruising around the world. Eventually we got married having our personal, intimate dream wedding in Goa, then we moved to Switzerland. Settling down, buying a house and making beautiful babies? Believe us, we had a go at it. Whilst we succeded bringing baby P into this world in May 2015, we do not intend to buy a house and settle down for good. We had a go at it but it did not fulfil us. 

Travelling has been such an essential part of our lives and our source of inspiration – we could just not imagine cutting back on it. As a family we will for sure travel differently than we have so far, but we cannot imagine giving it up completely. 



We are on a mission to create a lifestyle which allows us to enjoy life to the fullest (which often involves some red wine and delicious food), have fun, be happy, healthy and passionate, get inspired and keep learning whilst exploring the world.

Our ultimate goal is to be completely location independent – even as a family of three – and run our businesses profitably. We are not there yet, but en route.

We started this blog to chart our journey as travellers, as a growing family as well as entrepreneurs and we let you be part of it.


We did not yet break free completely from the corporate world but we work on a few freelance projects besides running this blog:

We have more projects up the sleeves and you can find out here in due course what they are about.


Raasta means “road” in Hindi. As we love to hit and being on the road we thought this would be the perfect name.

And who knows, possibly Renz will grow some Rastas by the time we hit the road indefinitely.


We think we are quite diverse travellers: we love to go camping as much as staying in a five star hotel, we eat street food and also indulge in a fine English High Tea, we explore the Northern and the Southern hemisphere, you can find us on the road by car, bicycle, rickshaw, foot, bike, train, camel or any other mean of transport we might find.

Thanks for reading and following our story!

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    1. Sabi Post author

      We are a bit biased as we used to work for Princess Cruises we truly like their ships. We have sailed on MSC and Costa as well and enjoyed both too. Lets hope we will make it on a NCL cruise.

      In a few weeks we will attend the Cruise Days in Hamburg. That will be fun!

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